The BeanSurfing Story

A young surfer left Australia when he was 19, travelling overseas in search of adventure and new experiences. He did not yet know much about coffee, though after a while in America and Europe he found it increasingly hard to find a great cup of coffee. Often he would find the coffee was bitter, even watery, with the milk burnt and tasteless.

After a few years he returned home to the waves and the summer of Australia and started his own coffee shop with his girlfriend. Inspired to deliver freshly roasted coffee beans to not only his customers, he started on his quest to deliver only the best beans all around the word, so people could enjoy amazing coffee no matter where they were.

We strive to not only provide the best beans the world has to offer, roasted to perfection, but also provide an online encyclopedia of coffee info which will help you produce the most amazing coffee at home.

Today, he still lives in Sydney, helping to roast and pack the coffee that you enjoy.

From the Founder:


We have now merged with http://blackmarketroasters.com.au head over there for some amazing beans!

I am a surfer from Bondi Beach, Australia who is addicted to quality coffee! We roast the highest quality coffee beans from around the world and deliver them to your door so you can enjoy an Espresso Bar experience in your own home. Choose a couple of the coffee’s from the Our Beans section of the site, punch in your address and start drinking. At my Espresso Bar here in Sydney [Swallow Coffee Traders], we have experimented, tested and most importantly tasted all the coffees on offer and am proud for you to serve them to your friends and family.

To get the most out of this site, I would recommend joining the mailing list so you can be the first to know about new coffee discoveries. Check out the ‘Educate’ Blog on this site where I upload many articles from my experience as a barista and roaster, explaining in simple terms the important factors to make a great tasting coffee. Thirdly, I would recommend signing up for a subscription of coffee beans as you will get the latest and greatest beans on your doorstep without having to think about it. Let us do the searching, sourcing, roasting, packing and delivering so that when you wake in the morning, you always have fresh, unique, strong coffee beans waiting for you!


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