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Single Origins

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Each coffee farm has a distinct flavour profile, whether it be the juicy grapefruit acidity of the Ethiopian Harar or the deep, dark and brooding tones of a Barrel Aged Colombian. We taste coffee samples from around the world, pick the ones we like and they end up in your mailbox. We have a rotating selection of Single Origins which will keep you entertained as you explore the coffee of the world.

Taste Profile:

A single origin coffee is essentially coffee beans sourced from one farm or a co-op of farms in one region. At BeanSurfing, this is our forte! We love to share specific regions unique qualities and flavours and also their story. Our aim here is to educate you on the towns and farmers that grow the coffee and show you how specialty coffee, thanks to people like you is helping develop these communities.

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Roasters Note: Due to the seasonal nature of coffee we will always choose the beans that are right for the time and taste. So please use the above as a guide only as bean origins may differ.