Bondi Beach Blend

Bondi Beach Coffee Bean Blend

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Bondi Beach Blend

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The Bondi Blend arrived out of the search for a sweet morning coffee. When coming in after a surf, we wanted a coffee that not only warmed us, but had a sweetness and spiciness that would perk us up for the day. There will be other origins from time to time, just to keep you guessing. When putting this blend together, we like to cross continents, grabbing the some of the best beans from each, roasting individually, and then blending according to our secret formula.

Taste Profile:

Bringing the crisp, juicy Panama together with the sweet caramel tones of Colombia, this combination alone would be enough for some! Yet, we pair these with the subtle spices of India and the unmistakable floral aroma, bright berries and deep dark earthy tones of a Southern Ethiopian. The combination is a prize-winning portrait on your palate. A unique display of how many countries and flavours can work together to give you uplifting, high floral tones, matched with the base, chocolates and earth, leaving a fantastic mouthfeel that only another coffee will satisfy.

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Roasters Note: Due to the seasonal nature of coffee we will always choose the beans that are right for the time and taste. So please use the above as a guide only as bean origins may differ.