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Piccolo are all the rage in Australia at the moment, for good reason. As we will explain below, customers particularly in Australia are looking for a deeper more full bodied coffee without all that milk!

So how do you make a piccolo latte? BeanSurfing investigates:

1. Pour a single espresso (or double ristretto for that extra body) into a small latte glass. You are looking for about 25-30ml of coffee in spro minstrelsy 25-30 seconds.

2. Texture your full cream milk like you would a flat white, ensuring you stop at 60 degrees or when your palm cannot hold the surface of the jug. This is to ensure optimum milk sweetness when paired with the espresso.

3. Pour your milk into your small latte glass, you are looking for approx 4 Oz of total liquid (milk and espresso) so it’s only a little milk. You want a slight textured head or foam, though only the thickness of your pinky finger.

There you have it, how to make a piccolo latte! At BeanSurfing, we often educate customers that it is much like a half flat white, though are are variances in every cafe, just experiment and enjoy.

We would recommend our Bondi Blend to match with the piccolo owing to the burst of sweetness blending with the milk!

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