Where can I buy fresh roasted coffee beans in Sydney?

At BeanSurfing.com.au, we freshly roast your coffee beans to order. We source, taste, roast and deliver unique and exciting coffee’s from around the globe so you can produce quality coffee in your home. Go to Our Beans page for our selection.

Which beans should I choose?

The first question to ask yourself is; how do I like to drink coffee? Is it black or white? This may sound silly, but is important. Any good espresso bar will ask you when you purchase beans, do you have it black, or with milk? Why?

Well, you may know that in the coffee world, a coffee that tastes amazing as a short black, doesn’t always translate to a great flat white. This is because some of the unique, delicate flavours coupled with a slightly lighter roast can often be lost when combined with milk. If you like milk, then go for a big, bold, punchy coffee, so that when you sip that latte, you will still get a full-bodied coffee hit!. Click HERE to check the beans out

How much coffee should I buy?

If you are looking for amazing tasting coffee, then we would recommend getting a couple of 250g bags of beans and open one at a time and purchase frequently. Try and consume with 3-4 weeks of the roast date for maximum flavour!

How long till the beans arrive at my house?

At BeanSurfing.com.au we will roast your beans as soon as the order comes through, so give us a couple of days to roast the different origins, blend then pack and seal. So expect your delivery in Australia within 3 business days if it is Express Post and 7 business days if Regular Post. If you are overseas, we are very happy to send you beans, just may need to wait a little longer.

Why does it say Swallow Coffee Traders on my invoice?

That is the name of my espresso bar here in Sydney.

What grind setting do I need to get?

You choose the grind setting depending on how you are preparing the coffee. That is, if you have an espresso machine at home, then choose the espresso option.

Remember: If you have your own grinder, choose Whole Bean and grind only the amount to intend to use straight away and seal the rest.

I have a grinder at home, how do I set the grind?

Basically you play around with it until you get the perfect pour/flow rate, check out this article for more specific info and a video of the perfect flow rate.

Check out the Blog I wrote on the topic…

My coffee is not pouring right out of the spout, how do I fix it?

It could be the grind setting is not correct or you are not putting the correct amount of coffee in the vessel. Check out this article for more help … http://blackmarketroastersters.com.au

How hard should I tamp?

Technically how hard you tamp doesn’t really affect the flow rate, it is how much coffee you put into the basket and its distribution that matters. As a good rule though the coffee should be just tamped enough so that when you spin the handle around the coffee doesn’t fall out

What is light roast coffee?

Basically, we roast to two specifications espresso (medium) roast and light roast. You can use light roast coffee for all filter methods such as pour-overs, siphons, Aeropress, drip filter etc. This allows you to taste the nuances of the beans. Espresso roast allows you to extract the oils and sugars when put under pressure. Check out the article about it…

How do I texture great milk?

Less is more! The more you move the jug, the harder it is to make it silky smooth. At the beginning of the process, let air into the milk, but after 10 seconds, put the wand under the surface of the milk and wait till it heats up enough. Let the milk settle on the bench for 20 seconds, give it a tap to get the air bubbles out and pour away! More foam = more air time at the beginning.

How can I contact BeanSurfing.com.au?

You can email us on: Roaster@BeanSurfing.com.au and we will get back to you asap

Should I get you to grind the beans?

If you have your own grinder, definitely do it yourself. The beans are a lot more vibrant if you grind straight before making coffee. That be said we know it is not always possible, so we seal all our beans in air tight bags that have a special one-way valve to ensure max freshness.

What about returns, warranties and additional ordering info?

At BeanSurfing we aim to roast, blend, pack and dispatch your freshly roasted coffee the next business day after you order, that is if you order before 4pm. We will send it out by  the method chosen by you and shoot you an email once it has left our roaster. To make sure you don’t run out, make sure you order about a week BEFORE your coffee runs out. Remember, if you order on Friday or over the weekend, we will get it to the Post by Monday, so take that into account when ordering.

As soon as your order comes in, we are onto it, so we cannot add additional items onto an order that is already in production. If you would like to add items, just place a separate order and we’ll get that in the roaster as well.

Extra special beans including Single Origin coffee and Cup Of Excellence Coffee are only roasted on specific days during the week so to ensure we can maintain a consistent batch size and in turn quality. We will let you know when we dispatch these special orders so you can have it in your hopper ASAP.

We are stoked to send coffee beans overseas! We love to spread the love of Aussie roasted coffee beans to everyone who wants to experience it. On rare occasions, various countries customs offices may charge additional fees to incoming packages and this will be paid for by the purchaser. We will do our best to keep on top of this and let you know.

All orders must be paid in full via our online payment systems; PayPal or credit card facility, prior to any order being sent. If there is an error during the payment process, email us directly on beansdelivery@BeanSurfing.com.au

As you know, coffee is a perishable product, so do not send it back to us. If the beans get lost in the mail and we cannot track it, email us first and we may send out replacement coffee free of charge. If we make a mistake to your order we will ship you a corrected replacement free of charge and you may be able to keep the original beans. Any equipment you purchase on our site, you need to check the specifications and compatibility of the items ordered to ensure they suit you as we do not supply goods on a trial basis.

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